Last week we had our 2006 PT Cruiser worked on here. The timing belt and engine mounts had to be replaced. The work performed at the shop was completed in a timely fashion and under budget. in short, they under promised and over delivered. I couldn't be happier. coming from a retired 30 year mechanic, this place is where I get my cars worked on for now on. Thank you Castner Auto Service. This is a very professional and CLEAN shop.

Michael G.

If you want an HONEST auto repair place then Castner's Auto Service is the one! I had another auto repair place tell me that my 3 year old transmission in my CTS needed to be replaced. I went to Ron Castner for a second opinion. He told me it was most likely my brakes that where causing a miscommunication with my wheel module because of the shaking when I applied the brakes and I needed to replace one gasket spark plug tube seals, spark plug & Ignition coil So instead of $5,000 to replace a perfectly good transmission. It only cost me $1,200 that included turning rotors replacing pads, and other brake stuff. AND then I still had a hard down shift when going downhill and applying my brakes. THIS IS THE BEST PART, I went back to Castner's and Ron said "your brakes still don't feel right, I stand behind my work" so he then replaced my rotors, pads, caliper.pad hardware reline front and rear brakes, and other stuff AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!!! YES CASTNER'S STANDS BEHIND THEIR WORK. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Beverly T.