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   Proper maintenance is the key to a long and reliable life for your vehicle. Take a little time to dig out that owners manual and look through the maintenance schedule. The major services for most vehicles occur at 30, 60, and 90 thousand miles with oil changes etc. required in-between.





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      Engine Performance type of repairs can be anything from "cranks but no start" to "normally runs ok but cuts out once in a while" This can be the most challenging type of repair. While the best test equipment is essential the best tool by far is an experienced technician.

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Sooner or later you vehicles A/C system may need some type of service. Getting your A/C looked at as soon as a problem starts can mean the difference between a simple "Service" and a much more costly repair. We can service both HFC-134a systems as well as the newer  HFO-1234yf.






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  Keeping your brakes and steering working properly is the best way to keep yourself and others safe on the road. If your brakes don't sound or work right or your vehicle steers "funny"  you should take the time to have it inspected.




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General repair or "Line Work" consists of so many types of repairs. Cooling systems, major and minor engine repairs, switches, bulbs, exhaust systems, electric window motors, the list goes on.....

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