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Left to Right: Ron - Craig - Katy - Craig - Eric - Ron - Rich



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Ron has been working at Castner's since 1983. He is one of the most experienced ASE certified "Line" technicians around. It would not be possible to list all of the types of repairs / maintenance that Ron routinely performs. Anything from timing belts and water pumps to complete rebuilds.




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Getting the right, high quality replacement part is essential to insure proper repair and maintenance of your vehicle.  Craig makes sure that this happens with every job. Craig is also an ASE certified parts professional. If we need it to fix your car, Craig finds it.




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One of the first things most new customers notice about our shop is how clean it is. Eric is the person responsible for shop maintenance.  At Castner's that means alot of different individual tasks. Anything from making sure used oil and coolant get handled properly for recycle to just plain keeping the place clean.




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Katy is the "link" that puts it all together. Your vehicle, our technicians, work orders,invoices, you and me. That and a hundred other things that need to be done before your repaired vehicle is ready for the road. If you need maintenance or repairs on your vehicle call Katy  (714)528-1311.





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